Our Services

Red River Bulgaria is a company that stays in control of the entire process, as our many years of experience in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe proved that without sufficient control, results will not always be satisfying enough for high end quality product companies, not even when off-taking directly from the better suppliers working out of this region.  

As a result of the same, we do like to emphasise, that we are far more than just a pure back-to-back trader and that we certainly add value as being directly involved into every stage from raw crop to production to loading as well as to inspection of the final product, bringing in simply needed extra security to clients entire supply chain set-up.  

With our new optimised set-up of the organisation, build with and by our professional colleagues working out of the Varna office are able to check and control the following consecutive steps for our clients:

  • Bulgarian fields and growers overview, resulting in up-to-date market reports as well as tailormade feedback needed for marketing, processing as well as sales purposes  
  • Silo inspections and audits 
  • Check-ups of products arriving from farmers into silo’s
  • Inspections of silo’s during storage
  • Operational controls (testing, planning, food-safety etc.)
  • Processing controls as well as auditing of the set-ups
  • Verifications of the finished products
  • Warehouse inspections and audits (hazards, pest control etc.)
  • Loading inspections of trailers/containers
  • Intake controls of packaging materials
  • Arrival internal transport controls (damages/dirtiness etc.)
  • Arranging timely and secured transports to the end destinations
  • Drafting and forwarding of the proper documentation / certificates


Moreover, we will arrange as well as coordinate / control with an external surveyor:

  • Batch testing and verifications of the finished products
  • Bag testing for hazardous FM 

Consequently, a lot more than a typical trader would do and in reality your eyes and ears and your boots on the ground in Bulgaria for a best possible 3rd party quality control for guaranteeing you a full supply security and furthermore for mitigating all and any risk(s) with the ultimate goal to deliver product with the intact integrity as expected and agreed upon.