Pumpkin seeds grown without shell

Benefits and features

Varieties of pumpkin seeds are distinguished by their shell or lack of shell, featuring self-explanatory names such as "Snow White" (also known as SW, white shell), "Shine Skin" (also known as SS, shiny shell), and "Grown Without Shell" (known as GWS). Pumpkin seeds grown without shell have a very distinctive flavour to any snack food. Their rich almost peanut like taste, also allows them to stand alone as a snack, with or without roasting and salting. Pumpkin seeds are also used for the production of pumpkin seed oil, a culinary in Central European cuisine, used as a salad or cooking oil. 

General specifications of the pumpkin seeds grown without shell:

Purity : 99.80%
Color : green, dark green light green
Color variation: GWS A, GWS AA, GWS AAA, GWS AAAA
Moisture : 6% to 9%
Size Calibration: 5 mm to 9 mm
Split or damaged seeds : maximum 2%
Admixture : maximum 0.20%

Pumpkin seeds grown without shell types:

Standard grade Size : between 5 mm to 7 mm
Premium grade Size : between 7 mm to 9 mm

Color variation GWS A : very light green 
Color variation GWS AA : green 
Color variation GWS AAA : dark green
Color variation GWS AAAA : intensive dark green

Packing and Export
Packing is done usually in 20 or 25 KG PP bags, and exported in 20 feet containers which will carry 19 metric tons.

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Pumpkin seeds grown without shell