Striped sunflower seeds LT2217

Benefits and features

Large sunflower seeds with a long and wide shape. The shell is firm, dark grey to black colour, with well-defined white strips. The kernel is large sized with medium oil content - suitable for direct human consumption.

General specifications of the striped sunflower seeds LT2217:

Purity level : 99,7%
Moisture content : 6% to 10%
Size Calibration: 6 mm to 10.5 mm
Broken, cracked and splits seeds : maximum 2%
Insect damaged seeds : maximum 2%

striped sunflower seeds LT2217 types:
LT18 grade seeds size : between 6 mm to 8 mm
LT20 grade seeds size : between 8 mm to 9 mm
LT22 grade seeds size : between 9 mm to 9.5 mm
LT24 grade seeds size : between 9.5 mm to 10.5 mm

Packing and Export
Packing is usually done in 20 or 25 KG PP bags, and exported in 40 feet containers which carry 22 metric tons.

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