Blue Juniper berries Dried

Benefits and features

The first thing to know about the juniper berry is that it is not actually a true berry, but rather a cone with a berry-like appearance. Not surprisingly, juniper also has a long medicinal history. Interestingly enough, the ancient Greeks recorded using juniper berries as a medicine long before mentioning their use of the berry in food. They also used the berries in many of their Olympic events because they believed that they helped increase physical stamina in athletes. Today, you’ll find the berries used as a spice in northern European and Scandinavian cuisine. They can also be found in some beauty products like lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, hair conditioner, bubble bath, and bath oil. As with most herbs, juniper berries also have vast medicinal uses as well. If you’ve ever indulged in a spot of gin, you will recognize the piney flavor of juniper.

General specifications of the blue juniper berries dried:

Purity : 99.7%
Color : dark blue-purple specific for variety
Moisture : 8% to 14%
Size Calibration: 6 mm to 9 mm
Green fruits : maximum 0.5%
Insoluble ash : 8% to 14%
Total ash content : 2% to 6%
Total oil content : 1% to 3%
Admixture : maximum 0.5%

Types of the blue juniper berries dried:

BRHS4 Size : between 4 mm to 6 mm
BRHS6 Size : between 6 mm to 7 mm
BRHS7 Size : between 7 mm to 9 mm

Packing and Export

Packing is done usually in 30 or 35 KG PP bags, and exported in 20 feet containers which will carry 18 metric tons.

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Blue Juniper berries Dried