How it works

How the RedRiver.BG platform works


Whether you want to use the RedRiver.BG platform as a vendor or as a buyer, the process DOES NOT REQUIRE A REGISTRATION.

There are 4 main steps which need to be followed by both sellers and buyers.

Step 1: Enter your company data.
You begin by entering your company's main details: Company name, Phone number, Email address, Country, City, Address, Branch name. The first three fields are mandatory.

At this point, you must agree to the Terms of Use of the Platform.

Press the green CONTINUE button to enter Step 2.

Step 2: Sell / Buy
The next step brings you to a page where you can see the product categories we offer - Sunflower clover with shell, White sunflower with shell, Black sunflower with shell, Sunflower beaker, Sunflower kernel, Pumpkin seeds, Nude pumpkin seeds, Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Chickpeas.

Choose the product group you are interested in, and then click the box next to the photo. You can choose more than one product group - if you want to sell or buy a few different product types.

Once you have specified the product group, press the CONTINUE button. You will be redirected to Step 3.

Step 3: Select a product for sale or purchase.
This step consists of a list of products, part of the product group you selected in the previous Step 2. If you selected two or more product groups, you will see the number of product lists for them as well.

Again in the box next to each product you specify the one you want to sell / buy.

When you are done choosing, you switch to the CONTINUE button and

Step 4: Submit the request

This page will display a list of all the products you have chosen to sell / buy. Each product is shown with a photo, name and fields you need to fill in: Quality, Caliber, Year of manufacture, Packaging, Location from which you will be expected to deliver, Price per ton. You can also upload a certificate or a photo if needed. All fields except the option for uploading files are mandatory.

After filling in all the fields in the form you need to click on the SEND APPLICATION button.

The final page will be loaded to confirm that your request has been submitted successfully.