Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services do you offer?
A: Red River Bulgaria offers trade in agricultural products - products that are used as raw materials in the food industry. We do not offer outsourced services such as production and packaging.

Q: I'm a seller - what can I expect from Red River Bulgaria?
A: As a seller, you can rely on Red River Bulgaria to buy, load, transport, store the products you sell.

Q: I'm a buyer - what can I expect from Red River Bulgaria?
A: As a buyer, you can rely on Red River Bulgaria for operational control, testing and certification of products, transportation and delivery of the products you buy.

Q: How does Red River Bulgaria guarantee the quality of its products?
A: All the products we buy and sell are tested and certified by an independent laboratory - SGS Bulgaria.
SGS Bulgaria ensures that everything they have tested matches the data declared by the manufacturer. It is only then that a transaction is concluded.

Q: What is the minimum amount of production traded by Red River Bulgaria?
A: The deals are made on a full container (FCL) or full truck (FTL) basis.

Q: What include the announced prices of Red River Bulgaria?
A: Red River Bulgaria's prices are for a bundled service, including product, sampling and certification, complete document fitting, storage, loading and delivery to the customer.

When the sale price is LOADED FROM and directly reflects the qualitative indicators of the product sold.

Upon purchase, the price is DELIVERED TO place and directly reflects the quality of the purchased product.