Black sunflower seeds confectionary Inshell

Earliest traces of cultivated sunflower are found in the lands of today's Mexico and date back to 2600 BC. It is believed that the sunflower plant has played a significant role in the cult of the Sun - because of the similarity of the cake and the direction of the stem to the hot celestial body. Biologists call this heliotrope - a mechanism by which the plant gets more sunlight.

Gradually, sunflower growing has spread to the southern regions of North America (today's Texas), Central America and the northern regions of South America.

Although it is a caloric product, raw sunflower seeds are extremely useful. They are rich in fat, protein, vitamin E and B12 vitamins, as well as minerals – magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, selenium, etc. and contains zero cholesterol.

The most common and distributed for human consumption are the black sunflower seeds “Favorit”. They are just as tasty raw as they are roasted or baked.

Black sunflower seeds confectionary in shell Favorit 
Black sunflower seeds confectionary inshell Donski