Red River Bulgaria operates in the field of trading with agricultural produce. The company is constantly striving to bring maximum satisfaction to all clients and partners, as well as to save their valuable time by optimizing all processes. Our products are mainly used as raw materials in the food industry. We work with clients from countries located all over the world, and we currently operate on six continents. Our customers rely on us for a variety of services, including laboratory testing, loading and unloading, transport, storage, and logistics of the products. The high standards by which Red River Bulgaria functions are a guarantee that the company is able to provide the best ratio between prices and product quality, complemented by outstanding service and communication.

Striped sunflower seeds confectionary Inshell
White sunflower seeds confectionary In shell
Black sunflower seeds confectionary Inshell
Sunflower seed kernels
Pumpkin seeds in shell
Pumpkin seeds GWS
Chickpeas seeds